Tax Law Functions and Types

Tax Law Functions and Types

While the tax code may seem complicated

The truth is the Internal Revenue Service administers its functions in an incredibly efficient manner. If there is a problem with your return, you are likely to receive a refund by the second week of February. If you are having difficulty paying your taxes this year, there are several affordable payment plans available.

Tax Law (tax law)? What are the conditions like? Check out the reviews in this article. Given the enormous benefits of taxation for national development, it is fitting for us to comply with the applicable tax laws.

With good tax management, reporting tax returns regularly, and paying tax collection obligations, it reflects you as a good citizen and obeys tax laws.

  • What is the Meaning of Tax Law?
    Then, what is the meaning of tax law? Tax law is a provision/regulation that details how the mechanism of tax payment and the relationship between taxpayers and tax collectors (Directorate General of Taxes).
  • Types of Tax Law
    There are several types of tax laws that apply to Indonesia. Among others:
  • Material Tax Law
    The definition of the type of material tax law is a number of tax rules that contain the object of the tax (the conditions that are taxed), the subject of the tax (whoever is taxed), and who is exempt from tax, as well as the amount of the tax rate.

So you should know about this matter what the parables of material tax law are.

Examples of material tax laws include sales tax on luxury goods (PPnBM), value-added tax (VAT), & income tax (PPh).

  • Formal Tax Law
    In addition to the legal parable in material taxes, there is also a legal understanding of informal taxes, which is a set of regulations that make the law on material taxes manifest.

Tax law formally contains the implementation mechanism and procedure for determining the nominal tax debt, as well as the rights of tax collector employees to carry out evaluations or to make a fiscal correction. Including, requiring the taxpayer to make bookkeeping, submission of appeal letters, fiscal correction documents, etc. An example of formal tax law is the Tax Procedure.

Maybe not everyone understands the meaning of tax law in a detailed way. However, every good citizen should obey the tax law and pay taxes on time.