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Different Air & Gas Feeds For Medical Purposes Only

medical gas hoses

For medical purposes only. That means only those with critical or acute conditions should be using these medical gas feeds. And medical gas hoses and its fittings should only be supplied by licensed retail and wholesale distributors.

The different gas feeds supplied include carbon dioxide, oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen and instrument or surgical air. All medical gas hoses are generally sold by the foot. Its inner cores are made from medical grade and non-conductive PVC. It is DEHP free.

Braid reinforced polyester will also line the inner hose. Working temperatures are flexible, ranging from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees F. Oxygen is required by patients who require supplemental oxygen through a mask. Medical air represents compressed air supplied through a special air compressor.

Nitrous oxide is supplied to many surgical suites mainly for anesthetic purposes. But nitrogen will be used to power the surgical tools whilst in use. The same goes for instrument or surgical air.

A large storage system of liquid oxygen is usually installed at the hospital. This is evaporated into a concentrated oxygen supply. Depending on the continent, the supply and pressures’ storage and distribution is defined as vacuum insulation or bulk tanking. Smaller clinics or day hospitals may only require the use of a number of high pressure cylinders.

Medical air is distributed from the special air compressor via a dryer. This is done in order to maintain the air’s correct dew point levels. The distribution will be carried further through a copper pipe.

Nitrous oxide is fed to surgeries in high pressure cylinders. Bulk systems are now no longer being installed due to the environmental concerns. Unlike nitrous oxide and nitrogen, instrument air, however, is fed through an air compressor.