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5 Q&As About Hair Surgery

Hair loss is a problem that causes embarrassment for thousands of men across the country. Hair loss is caused by a number of culprits ranging from age to loss of hair elasticity. For men who experience hair loss, it can be hard to enjoy life as it impacts confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, hair surgery for men is an answer that helps many men achieve a full head of hair once again. Read below to learn answers to five questions about hair surgery important to know before scheduling a consultation.

Fact 1: Hair Surgery is Safe

It is important choose a well-qualified surgeon to complete the hair transplant/surgery process. When you take the time to choose a qualified surgeon, this procedure is completely safe and risk-free. It is also FDA approved.

Fact 2: Hair Surgery is Affordable

How much is hair surgery going to cost? A variety of factors impact the costs of your surgery, including the type of surgery and the doctor chosen. However, rest assured that it is priced within a budget that is affordable to your needs.

Fact 3: Hair Surgery Lasts

No one wants to waste time and money using a procedure that provides lackluster results or results that simply do not last. That worry is not one that you should ponder when you schedule hair surgery. It is a lasting procedure with benefits that you are sure to appreciate.

hair surgery for men

Fact 4:  It Doesn’t Hurt

So many people fear that hair transplant surgery is going to be painful but the truth is, this is not a painful procedure in any way whatsoever. In fact, most people do not feel more than mild discomfort for a few hours after the procedure.

Fact 5: Safety

Most healthy men 18+ are acceptable candidates for hair surgery. The doctor will set up a consultation to ensure that it is right for your needs.